Courtesans for Couples

Are you part of an adventurous couple? Perhaps this is the time to add some spice to your relationship!

If you’ve been discussing the possibility of a ménage à trois, or more, a courtesan experience can provide a safe ‘first step’ where you can test the concept. It’s also a great way to revive your love life in a discreet and uncomplicated way where the emphasis is on fun! With a talented, sensuous courtesan at your service, you are guaranteed a memorable, professional experience. Needless to say, all bookings are highly discreet encounters that always respect boundaries and privacy.

Courtesans for Couples (For Him)

Have you heard of “compersion?” This is the feeling of pleasure derived purely from witnessing the sexual gratification of your partner; not wanting to deprive them of something they would deeply enjoy. Does this sound like you? Have you always fantasised about seeing your man enjoy and be enjoyed by another woman? “Compersion” is more common than you think. Not all our courtesans will participate in a couples booking but you can rest assured that those who do, thoroughly enjoy themselves.

The Courtesan Double (For Both of You)

This is an ideal option for couples wanting to enjoy a foursome where the focus is on both of you simultaneously. Multiple companions provide an ideal, no strings experience. Perhaps you share a particular fantasy and would like a discreet and safe means to fulfil it? Let our courtesans provide you with a thrilling evening like no other. Nothing pleases us more than finding the perfect way to please you both.

Cost: 2 hours minimum booking time, $1,300 per hour.

NB: This hourly rate is per companion.

If you have other intimate notions in mind, we’d love to hear them. After all, this is about your pleasure, and we have some of the most desirable women in the city ready and willing to fulfil your desires. You can call us anytime to discuss your fantasies or make a booking. Our number is 0434 440 946. We look forward to King’s Courtesan igniting a new excitement in your life.