Red/Strawberry blonde

Cara is a sensual Irish lady with a smile and a twinkle in her eye that suggests she is a little mischievous.

A charming red head with ivory skin and piercing blue eyes whose amazing skills can become addictive. She makes for an interesting companion whether going to the theatre, art gallery, a walk in the park or kayaking on the river.

Cara is multidimensional with many facets to her. She can be tender, soft, gentle with the lightest of touches that send a quiver through your body but be ready for a tiger to come out to play too.

Her outlook is to savour life and finds the time to do just that.

Cara has studied drama in Sydney and knows that with any good piece of theater the actors need to be in the moment to keep it fresh, as it is with life being in the moment and enjoying the adventure.

Interludes with Cara can be intoxicating yet relaxing. An experience that will linger… and is unforgettable. Let your imagination run wild without a leash and celebrate YOUR inner life.