Here are a few simple guidelines and recommendations designed to make your experience with our Courtesans as pleasurable and as comfortable as possible.

The grooming.

All of our ladies request that you are showered, cleanly shaven/groomed and dressed appropriately for a luxurious encounter. Our Courtesans are all about attention to detail when they are preparing to meet you. From their elegantly applied make up to their beautiful outfits and hairstyles, they are ready to make the best impression when you first see them – and they would love you to take the same care in your appearance.

The setting.

Naturally, the place of your encounter should match the level of elegance and sophistication our Courtesans will create for you. A beautiful boutique hotel or five star serviced apartment will make an ideal setting for a meeting.

The confidentiality.

Our Courtesans are well versed in the art of discretion. Your encounter will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality. Our ladies never kiss and tell – and they expect the same from our clients. So please, do not expect our Courtesans to share any intimate details from past clients or experiences.

The public display of affection.

It is very likely that your Courtesan lives in the same city as your rendesvouz or she may even have friends and family who reside there too. This is why public displays of affection, embraces, holding hands and intimate touching are generally not permitted. We don’t want to compromise her integrity – or yours. But rest assured, she will more than make up for this distance in public, when you are alone and in private, together.

The privacy.

You are not required to share any private matters with your Courtesan. She will not ask and you do not need to offer. It’s a mutual respect that’s understood. You should also be aware that your Courtesan has chosen to be represented by our agency. We act as the conduit between you and her so please do not attempt to meet with her without our mediation.

The health & hygiene.

Our courtesans take their sexual health very seriously and only practice safe intercourse. So, all sexual relations including oral massage are strictly prohibited without protection. Safe sex is both a legal and ethical mandatory at The King’s Courtesan. However, you can be rest assured, that, in spite of the perceived ‘restrictions’ of condoms, your Courtesan is more than capable of satisfying your needs and keeping your excitement peaked.

The gratuity.

While this is not expected, if you wish to give your Courtesan a tip on top of her fee for your encounter, this is considered a lovely gesture and it will always be appreciated.

The boundaries.

Mutual respect and compassion is a must during every King’s Courtesan experience. So we ask that you behave like a gentlemen at all times in all encounters with our ladies. Please respect her boundaries and know that when she says ‘no’ this is precisely what she means. If you insist she offers a service she does not, or make her drink alcohol when she has declined, your Courtesan will be forced to terminate your date.

You should also refrain from consuming too much alcohol before your Courtesan arrives. And please do not indulge in, or offer, any drugs. This will make your companion uncomfortable and once again, result in the termination of your date. The same applies if you are waiting for your Courtesan to arrive, and wait with a friend so they can ‘see what she looks like’.

The outfit.

Do you have a particular preference for the kind of outfit you’d like your Courtesan to wear on her date with you? That’s absolutely fine. Or maybe there’s something naughty you’d like her to bring along to your encounter. Please let us know so she can prepare for your date. Honesty is the key to a successful experience with our Courtesans, so don’t be shy – share your thoughts with us!

The payment

Please remember the fee you pay for your Courtesan is in exchange for her company – not her servitude. This is why she will always reserve the right to end your date at any given moment – and at her discretion if the boundaries are crossed and The King’s Courtesan guidelines ignored. In this case, payment will not be refunded.

Ultimately, when our Courtesans are in safe and respectable company, you can be assured of the finest, intimate experience.