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9. What do you feel you can bring to men’s intimate lives? *
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11. How would you describe your libido? *
12. What do you think your role as a female courtesan/escort involves? *
13. Do you have any specific skills such as massage, speaking a second language, etc.? *
14. What are you really inspired and passionate about in life? *
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16. What is your favorite humanitarian cause or charity and why? *
17. What do you love about men? *
18. How would you describe yourself in a relaxed social environment? *
19. Do you have a health & fitness routine? * Yes No
20. Do you have any sexual skills that are unique to you? If so, what are they? *
21. Do you enjoy giving oral sex? *
22. Do you have any issues with giving oral sex to men? Please describe. Please rate your level of comfort between 0% (not at all) and 100% (really enjoy it). *
23. How would you describe your social etiquette if needed to accompany a man to a formal function? *
24.What do you think are the most important skills to have for being a female escort/courtesan? *
25.What do you think might be some of the challenges you may face working as a female escort/courtesan? *
26.What unique qualities do you feel you can bring to clients? Describe ways you know how to make a man feel safe and comfortable. *

27. What other languages do you speak?*

28. Are you comfortable doing couples bookings? *

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