Hi Anna and Regina,

Just wanted to jot a few lines to extend my warmest wishes to you both, and the gorgeous Erica. As you know my husband and I both wanted to rejuvenate our marriage. Some might question or judge the method we chose, if I had to be brutally honest, when my husband suggested this path I had my reservations. Why this, why not just jump out of a plane? (I had done that before and was familiar with the rush of adrenalin it gave me.) I had in my mind that by inviting an escort into our marriage was something dirty and seedy.

How far from the truth that proved to be…

My husband and I had finally agreed our first encounter as a couple would be with a female companion. Where to find and how to choose the right person become an easy and seamless process when we came across your website.

The day and time quickly arrived when we were to meet our companion for the afternoon, Erica. Upon her arrival and after introductions we sat and chatted over drinks for about half an hour. This was so pleasant and enjoyable. She got to know a bit about us as a couple, and our journey, and we enjoyed listening to Erica and her journey in life.
This process so eased our nerves, and set the tone for the remainder of our time together.

I write this not to share the intimate details of the afternoon (I find no need for that) but what I will say is that Erica is woman. No words I write will give her justice. Erica was fantastic and quickly made me feel at ease. I was the one with all the nerves and trepidation. Being my first encounter with another woman and with my husband by my side, Erica soon assured me that all would be okay. She treated me with respect, dignity and touched me with passion.

From the onset Erica asked what we liked and wanted and ensured that every need was met. Her focus was on us, and she certainly made sure that we both received her pleasure. Not only did we share our bodies we shared a few glasses of champagne together too!

Erica, thank you seems so inadequate. We truly enjoyed our time and our experience with you. You personally made me feel at ease, you made me feel sensuous, you gave me confidence, you made me feel loved as a woman. My husband has his sexy wife back!

Anna and Regina, you can tell you both enjoy what you do. It shows through the fantastic service you provide. Nothing was ever a hassle, whether it was the emails to confirm our booking, rearrangement, or the phone calls of reassurance required (on my behalf that is!) Our journey with you and your adorable team has been very memorable and will allow us to have beautiful memories forever and a day.

Gratefully Yours,

“A” and “A”