King’s Courtesan Male Escorts


A term rich in history and pleasure, the word ‘courtesan’ dates back to around 1540. It literally translates to ‘a woman of the court’.

She was the royal lover, a paramour for the wealthy, artistocrats of the day. Men of high society lavished her with the finest luxuries and high status in exchange for her intimate services – charms, airs and graces, and boudoir talents.

Highly educated and prized for her beauty and conversational skills, the courtesan was widely sought after in polite circles. In today’s world, she is the ultimate female companion offering unforgettable encounters that promise seduction, inspiration and an unparalleled passion for life, love and carnal pleasures.

Staying true to their history, our courtesans are exceptionally talented and gifted women both in life and in the bedroom. In stark contrast to even a “high-class escort,” our Courtesan’s approach to your pleasure is based on connection and an unrivaled engagement and focus on you.

Your satisfaction is her ultimate wish and she will work with pleasure to create an encounter that will make you feel like you’re the only man in the world. Promising all the pleasure and tantalizing moments a mistress can provide – without the complications – our courtesans represent the elite of the female escort industry. High erotica, beauty and sensuality in one incredible package.

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