What is a Courtesan?

You are right. This is a rather large description of the joys a courtesan can offer you… However, size is particularly important in this instance. In fact, after reading this section, you’ll be better informed – and perhaps even inspired – to make King’s Courtesan part of your sensual life.

First, let’s begin with a classic definition.

A courtesan is a highly accomplished and socially skilled woman for whom intimacy and erotic play come as second nature. But this is only the beginning of her talents… Gifted in the art of intimate, sacred healing, a courtesan is always highly compensated and well respected. In fact, in days of old, she was held in very high esteem in a King’s court and aristocratic high society. From the original term, Cortigiana Onesta (or honest, high-end courtesan), this rare and stunning woman is arguably more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. In fact, she is often oblivious to how breathtaking she truly is. Generous of spirit and affection, her great passion in life is bringing joy, kindness and untold pleasure to discerning gentlemen who value her worth. Wise beyond her tender years, she possesses great confidence, integrity and truly comes to life in a sensual setting.

The pleasure is all hers – and she will wholeheartedly offer it to you.

Unlike a lot of supposedly high-class escorts, a courtesan actually chooses to offer her gifts and sensual services which is why she is so particular about her clientele selection. She will not simply do things she won’t enjoy in order to pay the bills. A courtesan will also not make herself available for just anyone who can afford her. Some of the world’s most elite professional courtesans have been known to decline invitations from very wealthy clients if she knows they will not respect or truly value her presence.

An unforgettable experience filled with sensual play, erotica and all of life’s pleasures.

A date with a courtesan will be nothing like you’ve ever felt, touched, or desired. Beyond a casual sexual encounter or a sex-based girlfriend experience, an evening with a courtesan will take your breath away compelling you to seek more, much more. And of course she will oblige you – with pleasure.

Taking her sensual career very seriously, she invests her time, heart and body into:

  • An immaculate, stylish wardrobe for all occasions from cocktails to a breathless boudoir session. You will never see your courtesan wearing tacky, short dresses that leave nothing to your imagination.
  • Classic makeup application enhancing her stunning features.
  • Physical fitness that may just leave you breathless.
  • Deportment and social etiquette ensuring she’s just at home at high-powered social events as she is in your arms on the largest, most sumptuous bed.
  • Wine and art appreciation, so she may just teach you something about the world’s most delicious wines and incredible artworks.
  • Academic pursuits that feed her mind just as readily as she will fulfil your desires.
  • Languages, music and dance. Your courtesan is well versed in these arts so her moments alone with you could be filled with memorable erotic displays reminiscent of the finest burlesque performances.

To put it very simply, an elite courtesan promises nothing but unforgettable moments of erotic and even intellectual pleasure. Yes, she is the whole package.

Her body truly is her temple so please feel free to worship.

High-class callgirls aren’t known for the care they show their bodies. In fact, drugs and alcohol are often their ‘crutches.’ However, with a courtesan, personal care isn’t just a consideration it’s an imperative. She will never degrade herself or pollute her body with illicit substances or the over-consumption of alcohol.

Her naughty behaviour is reserved only for the bedroom. In public, your courtesan will project a wholesome, sophisticated image. However, in private with her esteemed clients, her wicked side emerges- and surprises. Perhaps she’ll bring a pair of knee-high boots or towering heels to your date. Of course designer lingerie that cover the bare necessities are always a possibility. But ultimately her beauty is protected and guarded in public. Her erotic side is only for the viewing pleasure of the selected gentlemen in her life which, once again, reinforces how exclusive a woman she really is.

Expensive encounters don’t mean the courtesan can be easily bought – if at all.

While a courtesan embodies the notion of premium erotic luxury, she cannot – and will never – be ‘bought’. She will not agree to do ‘extra’ things for bonus gifts of money or possessions. If it’s anything that will hurt others or clash with her principles, she will never say, “Yes.”

An entire universe of sensual dynamite awaits you. The professional courtesan is a powerhouse of unbridled sexuality, sacred physical healing, and searing intellect. Reserved only for society’s finest gentlemen, the courtesan promises her clients a night or more of unimaginable pleasure.

So, if you seek the deepest, most satisfying sensual experience of your life so far, our courtesans are ready to thrill, meet and exceed your most passionate expectations. We would be delighted to make this happen for you. All you need to do is call…